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Founded by an Inland Revenue Pensioneer Trustee and an Accountant in 2001, Gateway Financial Advisers operates in the commercial and personal areas of Independent Financial Advice. It also incorporates commercial and residential loan departments. A full range of financial services is offered, from Life Assurance, Business Protection, Retirement Planning, Onshore & Offshore Investments, SSAS & SIPP Management, Inheritance Tax Planning & Trusts and Wills.

We have links to General Insurers and Asset Finance Providers. Based in prestigious offices in Upper New Walk, Leicester, the firm employs specialists, each qualified in his particular field of expertise.

Investment Planning is based on your need to draw on your assets, how long they are to be invested, and for whom. It forms the backbone for all other areas of financial planning and requires regular reviewing with us. Investment planning will typically help determine the level of risk to be taken with different portions of your assets and the allocation

An Individual Savings Account (ISA) is a wrapper surrounding your fund choice(s) that makes them more tax efficient. ISAs pay no income or capital gains tax on the returns you receive, no matter how much your investment grows or how much you take out over the years. ISAs are very flexible, and can be suitable for any long-term savings need such as a

Unit Trusts & OEICs are what are known as collective investments, meaning investors pool their money together within professionally managed funds, as opposed to you holding individual stocks and shares, with or without our advice. Gains on unit/investment trusts and OEICs are subject to Capital Gains Tax, whereas investment bonds (both onshore and offshore

The aim is to provide the potential for growth on a lump sum investment, Bonds are also suitable for people who want to mitigate a likely IHT liability and so grow their investment in a tax efficient manner. In this respect, we offer a free range of discretionary and bare trusts where the customer can retain some control over the gift because they will

Even a small regular saving going out of your monthly budget over the long term can build to a sizeable fund. The key is to give your investment time to grow. A regular monthly saving could amount to a large fund, have a look at our REGULAR SAVINGS CALCULATOR. Investing regularly can smooth out market highs and lows over time. In a fluctuating market

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